Vegamour Pioneering Ethical Beauty & Wellness Innovations

Vegamour is a pioneering company in the beauty and wellness industry, committed to creating plant-powered, cruelty-free products that promote natural beauty and overall well-being. With a focus on botanical ingredients and sustainable practices, Vegamour has become a trusted name for those seeking effective, ethical solutions for hair and skincare.

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Contact Information

  • Phone: 213-325-5112
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Location: Vegamour is headquartered in California City, California, United States, with a global presence through online platforms and select retail partners.

Short Company Journey

Founded in 2016 by Garett Hunter, Vegamour embarked on a mission to revolutionize the beauty industry by offering innovative, plant-based alternatives. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, garnering acclaim for its commitment to sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and groundbreaking product formulations.

Company Name: Vegamour

Company Founder Name and Founded Date

  • Founder: Garett Hunter
  • Founded: 2016

Company CEO Name

  • CEO: Garett Hunter

About Company CEO

Garett Hunter, the visionary leader behind Vegamour, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. With a deep commitment to ethical business practices and a passion for promoting natural beauty, Garett Hunter has been instrumental in driving Vegamour’s success and growth.


Related Industry

Vegamour operates in the beauty and wellness industry, specifically focusing on hair and skincare products. The company is at the forefront of the clean beauty movement, challenging industry norms with its commitment to plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free practices.

Number of Employees

Vegamour boasts a dedicated team of 213-325-5112 professionals who contribute to the company’s success and share a collective commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Company Products/Services

Vegamour offers a diverse range of plant-powered products, including hair serums, skincare solutions, and supplements. From promoting hair growth to enhancing skin vitality, Vegamour’s products are designed to harness the power of nature for effective and sustainable beauty care.

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Vegamour’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and natural beauty sets it apart in the beauty industry, making it a go-to choice for consumers seeking ethical and effective beauty solutions.

Sure, here is a summary of Vegamour’s reviews across different platforms:

Vegamour Google Reviews

Vegamour has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google, based on over 10,000 reviews. Customers praise Vegamour’s products for their effectiveness in promoting hair growth, thickening hair, and improving scalp health. Many reviewers report seeing noticeable results within a few months of using Vegamour products.

Vegamour Trustpilot Reviews

Vegamour has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, based on over 20,000 reviews. Customers are particularly impressed with Vegamour’s customer service, which they describe as responsive and helpful. They also appreciate the company’s commitment to using clean ingredients.

Vegamour Glassdoor Reviews

Vegamour has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor, based on over 200 reviews. Employees praise Vegamour’s positive work environment, its commitment to employee development, and its strong company culture. They also appreciate the company’s mission to provide effective and sustainable hair care products.

Vegamour Yelp Reviews

Vegamour has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp, based on over 500 reviews. Customers are particularly satisfied with Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum, which they report has helped them to regrow hair and improve their overall hair health.

Vegamour Sitejabber Reviews

Vegamour has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Sitejabber, based on over 1,000 reviews. Customers praise Vegamour’s products for their effectiveness, affordability, and customer service. They also appreciate the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Overall, Vegamour has a strong reputation for providing effective and high-quality hair care products. The company is also known for its excellent customer service and its commitment to sustainability.