Tech Titan Aneel Bhusri’s Journey Achievements and Impact

Tech Titan Aneel Bhusri’s Journey Achievements and Impact


Birth Date: August 14, 1966

Place of Birth: Pittsford, New York, USA

Family Background: Information about his family background is not widely available.


Aneel Bhusri earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and economics from Brown University. He also holds an MBA from Stanford University.

Early Career:

Aneel Bhusri started his career at Morgan Stanley and later joined PeopleSoft, where he worked in various executive positions.

Career Highlights:

Co-founder and CEO of Workday, a leading cloud-based software company.

Worked at Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm.

Serves on the board of directors of Intel Corporation.

Notable Work:

Workday is his most notable project, providing cloud-based applications for finance and human resources.

Net Worth:

Aneel Bhusri’s net worth was estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Social Media Presence:

Aneel Bhusri may not be as active on social media as entertainment industry figures. You may find professional profiles on platforms like LinkedIn.

Personal Life:

Specific details about Aneel Bhusri’s personal life, such as relationship status and family, are not widely publicized.

Hobbies and Interests:

Hobbies and interests outside of his profession are not extensively documented.


Aneel Bhusri has not been widely associated with controversies.

Charitable Work:

Information about philanthropic efforts or causes supported by Aneel Bhusri may not be as publicly known.

Health Issues:

There is no public information suggesting any significant health issues.

Upcoming Projects:

Information about upcoming projects may not be applicable as he is primarily involved in the technology sector.

Style and Fashion:

Information about his fashion choices may not be readily available as he is not known for a public persona related to style.

Fan Base:

Aneel Bhusri’s fan base is likely more professional than celebrity-oriented, given his position in the technology industry.

Political or Social Activism:

His involvement in political or social causes may not be as publicized as with some other public figures.


Specific trivia about Aneel Bhusri may not be widely available.

Tattoos and Body Art:

There is no public information suggesting any tattoos or body modifications.