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Ramona Marquez

Biography of Ramona Marquez

Ramona Marquez is a British actress best known for her role as Karen Brockman in the popular British sitcom “Outnumbered.” She was born on February 24, 2001, in London, England, which makes her British by nationality.


Ramona attended a regular school in London like any other child and has not disclosed specific details about her educational background.


Ramona Marquez was born in London, England, United Kingdom.

Original Name:

Ramona Marquez is her original name.

Caste and Ethnicity:

Ramona’s ethnicity is British, and she does not publicly disclose her caste.


She is often referred to by her first name, Ramona.

Horoscope/Zodiac Sign:

Her zodiac sign is Pisces.


Ramona Marquez is 22 years old.

Date of Birth:

Ramona Marquez was born on February 24, 2001.

Marital Status:

Ramona Marquez was not married, and her marital status may have changed since then.

Personal Website:

Ramona Marquez does not have a widely known personal website.


Her height is approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).


Her weight is not publicly disclosed.

Hair Color:

She has brown hair.

Eye Color:

Her eye color is brown.


  • Father’s Name: Her father’s name is Martin Marquez.
  • Mother’s Name: Her mother’s name is Sophie Marquez.
  • Siblings: Ramona has a younger brother named Rocco Marquez.

Relationship Status:

There were no public records of her dating or having any boyfriends.

First Movie Name:

Ramona Marquez’s first major role was in the movie “The King’s Speech” (2010), where she played the role of Princess Margaret.

Net Worth:

Her net worth varies based on her acting roles and other ventures, but it was estimated to be in the range of $1 million.

Social Media:

Ramona Marquez is a private person and has not been known for having official social media accounts.

Career Highlights:

  • Ramona gained widespread recognition for her role as Karen Brockman in the British sitcom “Outnumbered” (2007-2014).
  • She appeared in the critically acclaimed film “The King’s Speech” (2010).
  • Ramona continued to act in various television and film projects.

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