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MedOP Solutions is a leading healthcare technology company dedicated to revolutionizing medical operations through innovative solutions. Healthcare Innovation Transformation With a commitment to improving patient care and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare facilities, MedOP Solutions is at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

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MedOP Solutions is headquartered in the vibrant tech hub of Silicon Valley, located at 123 Tech Way, Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95123, USA.

Short Company Journey:

MedOP Solutions was founded in 2010 with a vision to streamline and improve healthcare operations. Over the years, we have grown into a dynamic organization, providing cutting-edge solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide.

Company Name:

MedOP Solutions

Company Founder Name and Founded Date:

Founder: Dr. Rebecca Smith Founded Date: March 15, 2010

Company CEO Name:

CEO: John Anderson

About Company CEO:

John Anderson, an industry veteran with a background in healthcare management, assumed the role of CEO in 2015. Under his leadership, MedOP Solutions has experienced significant growth and continues to drive innovation in the healthcare technology sector.

Current Net Worth:

As of our last financial statement in 2022, MedOP Solutions had a net worth of $50 million.

Related Industry:

MedOP Solutions operates in the healthcare technology and medical operations industry, focusing on creating solutions that optimize healthcare processes, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency.

Number of Employees:

MedOP Solutions is proud to employ a diverse and talented team of over 250 professionals, including engineers, healthcare experts, and customer support specialists.

Company Products/Services:

MedOP Solutions offers a wide range of products and services, including:

  • MediTrac EMR: Our electronic medical records system designed to streamline patient data management.
  • HealthSync: A platform for seamless communication and collaboration among healthcare providers.
  • PulseGuard: Remote patient monitoring technology to ensure patient safety and well-being.
  • AdminEase: Simplifying administrative tasks for healthcare facilities, allowing them to focus on patient care.

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Careers and Job Opportunities:

Interested in joining our team and making a difference in healthcare technology? Explore our career opportunities and job openings on our Careers Page. We’re always looking for passionate and talented individuals to help us shape the future of healthcare.