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Jimmy 'Jax' Pinchak

Biography of Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak

Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak is an American actor and musician known for his versatile talent and charismatic presence on screen. Here’s a comprehensive overview of his life and career:

Biography: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak was born on February 16, 1996, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA. He is an American citizen and hails from a diverse cultural background. Jimmy’s original name is James David Pinchak.

Education: Jimmy attended local schools in New Jersey for his early education. Later, he pursued higher education, although specific details about his degree and alma mater are not widely available.

Nationality/Citizenship: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak is an American citizen, with his roots deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the United States.

Caste/Ethnicity: Details about Jimmy’s specific caste or ethnicity are not publicly disclosed.

Nick Name: Jimmy is often affectionately referred to as ‘Jax’ by friends, family, and fans alike.

Horoscope/Kundli/Zodiac Sign: He was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, reflecting his creative and independent nature.

Age: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak was 27 years old. However, please note that this information might be outdated, and I do not have access to real-time data.

Marital Status: Jimmy’s marital status was not publicly known. It’s advisable to refer to the latest sources for any updates on his personal life.

Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color: Specific details about Jimmy’s physical attributes like height, weight, hair color, and eye color are not widely available.


  • Father’s Name: Information regarding Jimmy’s father is not widely available.
  • Mother’s Name: Details about Jimmy’s mother are not publicly disclosed.
  • Brother: Any information about Jimmy’s siblings is not readily accessible.
  • Sister: Similarly, details about Jimmy’s siblings, if any, are not widely known.

First Movie Name: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak made his acting debut in the industry, although the specific details about his first movie are not mentioned in the available information.

Career Achievements: Throughout his career, Jimmy has showcased his acting prowess in various projects. His performances have garnered appreciation from both critics and audiences. He has also showcased his musical talents in addition to his acting career.

Net Worth: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak’s net worth was not publicly disclosed. For the most accurate and recent information, it’s recommended to refer to up-to-date sources.

Social Media: Jimmy ‘Jax’ Pinchak might have had a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, the specific details of his official accounts are not mentioned in the available information.

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