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Eliza Scanlen

Biography of Eliza Scanlen Beyond the Screen

Eliza Scanlen is an Australian actress known for her remarkable talent and versatility in the world of film and television. Born on January 6, 1999, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Eliza has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her captivating performances and dedication to her craft.

Nationality / Citizenship: Eliza Scanlen is an Australian citizen by birth.

Education: Eliza’s early education details are not widely available in the public domain. However, given her successful acting career, it is evident that she has received substantial training and education in the field of acting.

Degree: The specific degree or formal education in acting that Eliza Scanlen pursued is not well-documented.

Birthplace: Eliza Scanlen was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Original Name: Her original name is Eliza Jane Scanlen.

Caste: Eliza Scanlen’s caste and religious affiliations are not publicly disclosed.

Ethnicity: She is of Australian ethnicity.

Nickname: Eliza may not have a widely known nickname in the public domain.

Horoscope / Kundli / Zodiac Sign: Eliza Scanlen’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, as she was born on January 6th.

Phone No / Mobile No: Personal contact information like phone numbers is not available to the public for privacy and security reasons.

Age: Eliza Scanlen is 24 years old.

Date of Birth: She was born on January 6, 1999.

Marriage / Wedding Date: There is no information about Eliza Scanlen’s marriage or wedding date, suggesting that she might be single or has chosen to keep her personal life private.

Marital Status: Eliza Scanlen’s marital status is not publicly known.

Personal Website: Eliza may or may not have a personal website; such details can change over time.

Height: Her height is approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

Weight: Eliza Scanlen’s weight is not widely disclosed in the public domain.

Hair Color: She has blonde hair.

Eye Color: Eliza Scanlen has blue eyes.

Father’s Name: Her father’s name is not widely known in the public domain.

Mother’s Name: Her mother’s name is also not widely known.

Brother: Eliza Scanlen may or may not have siblings, but information about her family is not readily available.

Sister: Similarly, details about any siblings, including sisters, are not publicly disclosed.

Husband/Wife Name: Eliza Scanlen is not married, and there is no information about a husband or wife.

Child / Son / Daughter: There is no information about Eliza Scanlen having any children.

Boyfriends and Linkups / Affairs: Eliza Scanlen keeps her personal life private, and details about her romantic relationships are not widely known.

First Movie Name: Eliza Scanlen made her film debut with the critically acclaimed movie “Babyteeth” in 2019. Her outstanding performance in the film garnered significant attention and acclaim from both audiences and critics.

Net Worth: Eliza Scanlen’s net worth was estimated to be around $1-2 million. However, her net worth may have changed since then due to her continued success in the entertainment industry.

Houses & Villas: Specific details about her residences, houses, or villas are not publicly disclosed.

Official Social Media Profiles:

Movies, Lists, Albums, Endorsements, Awards, and More: Eliza Scanlen’s career has been marked by notable achievements in a relatively short span of time. Some of her significant works include:

  • “Babyteeth” (2019): Her debut film where she portrayed the character of Milla Finlay, a terminally ill teenager.
  • “Little Women” (2019): Eliza starred alongside a talented ensemble cast in this adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel.
  • “Sharp Objects” (2018): She appeared in this critically acclaimed television series, which showcased her acting prowess.
  • “The Devil All the Time” (2020): Eliza Scanlen shared the screen with prominent actors in this psychological thriller.

Eliza Scanlen’s career continues to flourish, and she has received nominations and accolades for her exceptional acting abilities. Her future projects and achievements in the entertainment industry are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

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