The Database Pioneer: Larry Ellison’s Tech Empire Chronicles

Larry Ellison

It appears there might be a mix-up in your request. Larry Ellison is a well-known figure in the technology industry, particularly as the co-founder and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation. He is not known for involvement in movies, TV shows, albums, or other projects traditionally associated with genres, instruments, or occupations mentioned in your request. Below is information based on Larry Ellison’s profile:


Birth Date: August 17, 1944

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, USA

Family Background: Larry Ellison was born to an unwed mother and was adopted by his aunt and uncle, Lillian and Louis Ellison. He grew up in Chicago.

Career Highlights:

Co-founder and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation, a multinational computer technology corporation.

Built Oracle into one of the world’s leading software companies, specializing in database management systems.

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in the tech industry.

Notable Work:

Oracle Database, the flagship product of Oracle Corporation, is among the most notable works associated with Larry Ellison.

Net Worth:

Larry Ellison’s net worth was estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars.

Social Media Presence:

Larry Ellison was not known for having a significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Personal Life:

Relationship Status: Larry Ellison has been married multiple times.

Spouses: Barbara Boothe, Nancy Wheeler Jenkins, Melanie Craft.

Children: David Ellison and Megan Ellison.

Hobbies and Interests:

Known for his interest in yachting, and his team Oracle Team USA has won the America’s Cup multiple times.


Ellison has been involved in various legal and business controversies, including lawsuits with competitors and disputes over Oracle’s business practices.

Charitable Work:

Ellison is known for his philanthropy, including contributions to medical research and environmental causes.

Health Issues:

No significant known health issues.


Attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign but dropped out before completing his degree.

Early Career:

Worked at companies like Ampex Corporation and Amdahl Corporation before founding Oracle in 1977.

Upcoming Projects:

Information about upcoming projects may vary, there was no specific information available about Larry Ellison’s upcoming projects.

Style and Fashion:

Ellison is not particularly known for its distinctive style or fashion choices in the public eye.

Fan Base:

Larry Ellison has a following in the tech industry, particularly among those interested in enterprise software and technology.

Political or Social Activism:

Ellison has been involved in political contributions but is not widely recognized for extensive political activism.


Larry Ellison is known for his interest in aviation and owns a collection of aircraft.

Tattoos and Body Art:

There is no widely known information about Larry Ellison having tattoos or body modifications.